T-Mobile Touts Benefits of AT&T Acquisition with FCC Filing

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Well of course T-Mobile would be happy with the arrangement right?!


-(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Deutsche Telekom, parent company of T-Mobile USA (T-Mobile), and AT&T filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) a joint opposition to petitions to deny their application seeking approval of AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile. The filing is supported by comprehensive economic and technical declarations, which highlight the numerous consumer and public interest benefits that will be gained through combining the two companies, and it refutes the arguments set forth by parties opposed to the transaction.

“We are pleased that the regulatory process is moving forward, and we remain confident that the FCC will weigh all the facts and approve this deal.”

“As our filing with the FCC today explains, the winners of the proposed merger with AT&T will be consumers, as the extra capacity will enable us to alleviate escalating capacity constraints, increase output, support the next generation of bandwidth-intensive mobile applications, and offer them faster data speeds, extended coverage and fewer dropped calls,” said Tom Sugrue, Senior Vice President, T-Mobile Government Affairs. “We are pleased that the regulatory process is moving forward, and we remain confident that the FCC will weigh all the facts and approve this deal.”

Data traffic on T-Mobile’s network quadruples year over year, fueled by smartphone and mobile broadband adoption. By addressing spectrum and capacity constraints and making more efficient use of the spectrum, an AT&T/T-Mobile combination will result in improved service to millions of consumers. They will enjoy fewer dropped calls, better in-building and in-home coverage due to increased cell density, and faster, more consistent and more reliable data services, particularly during periods of peak use. Also, since the combined company will be able to devote more spectrum to LTE, its customers will soon enjoy enormous benefits in terms of increased speeds and reduced latency.

About T-Mobile USA:

Based in Bellevue, Wash., T-Mobile USA, Inc. is the U.S. wireless operation of Deutsche Telekom AG (OTCQX:DTEGY). By the end of the first quarter of 2011, approximately 128 million mobile customers were served by the mobile communication segments of the Deutsche Telekom group — 33.6 million by T-Mobile USA — all via a common technology platform based on GSM and UMTS and additionally HSPA+/HSPA+42. T-Mobile USA’s innovative wireless products and services help empower people to connect to those who matter most. Multiple independent research studies continue to rank T-Mobile USA among the highest in numerous regions throughout the U.S. in wireless customer care and call quality. For more information, please visit http://www.T-Mobile.com. T-Mobile is a federally registered trademark of Deutsche Telekom AG. For further information on Deutsche Telekom, please visit www.telekom.de/investor-relations.