New Smartphone Stand wEASEL With Retractable Loop and Vehicle Button Pad

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The wEASEL is coming to a smartphone near you!


A unique new Smartphone accessory named the wEASEL™ was introduced March 22, 2011 at CTIA, one of the largest wireless conventions in North America. The wEASEL™ stand easily attaches to the back of most Smartphones. What sets this device apart from any other on the market is the integral retractable loop for hanging and holding. The loop enables the user to hold the phone securely to prevent it from slipping, falling, and getting damaged. This particular feature is an extremely important safety point.

Included with the wEASEL is a button pad that easily mounts onto a car dashboard engaging the loop to allow your smartphone to be within easy reach.

The wEASEL allows the user to position the phone upright or sideways on countertops, desktops or any flat surface for effortless viewing.  It’s especially useful for video conferencing or just watching a movie.  The durable sleek design doesn’t distract from the phone appearance.

Price:  $19.95 Availability please visit: or

As Vice President of Millennium International Development Corporation:

I was the first to have this unique stand with the loop on the back of my iPhone.  I use my wEASEL Stand everywhere I go.  On a recent flight my iPhone was conveniently placed in a horizontal position when watching a movie. While dining, I would place my phone upright on the table, and so many people would stop by and say, “Wow, where did you get that, do you have a website, a card?” After many months of testing, we designed a sleeker wEASEL Stand where the loop retracts down into the back so people can place their phones into cases.  I now feel secure walking with my phone having my finger through the loop. It won’t drop anymore.  The wEASEL Stand also helps balance my device while I email or text and my hands do not get fatigued. Having the button pad on my car dashboard is a plus.  The phone is simple to access and I can be hands free while talking.
Also, the wEASEL Stand with the loop makes my phone so much easier to retrieve from my handbag or pockets.