Plastic Piranha Makes a Splash at E3!

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Plastic Piranha, that’s certainly an interesting name.. but they’re coming out with some cool games.


/PRNewswire/ — Plastic Piranha is pleased to announce the debut of its first two titles, Rikochet and R.A.T.S ., at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California.


Rikochet is a groundbreaking First Person Tactical Shooter incorporating elements of realism unlike any before. In 2012, a deadly virulent, mutated plague of Equine Influenza (dubbed Haizum R1K0) ravages the world’s population, crippling governments and toppling the world economy. As panic spreads, cadres of armed militias form, eventually uniting under the banner of Darkwater, Inc. Sweeping in to take control of civilization again, one city at a time, these troops corral the remaining civilian population into internment centers, city sized ghettos where oppression, panic and desperation are commonplace.

Desperate to escape the brutality of the camps, the horror of “medical treatment and study,” groups of organized resistance begin to form, pushing back at their imprisonment, yearning for freedom and a life that they once knew. Comprised of prior military forces, police, and common citizens young and old alike, these Minutemen fight to restore Liberty.

Will you fight for freedom, or be a hired gun?  In Rikochet, the choice is yours…

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In the depths of his personal laboratory, a top-secret military science experiment is underway. A lone scientist, unaware of the global implications of his actions, is turning rats into soldiers. The plan: create as many rat-soldiers as possible, sending them into the enemy’s sewers to set up various bases of operations. From there, engage in clandestine operations to disrupt and destroy as much of the country’s infrastructure as possible.

Suspended in a miniature virtual reality Rodent Army Training Simulator, these augmented Super Rat Soldiers (Eximius Rat Miles Militis) engage in maneuvers inside the very battlefield they will likely encounter, someone’s home. Split into two teams of opposing forces they engage in a game of cat and mouse as they race to complete their objectives, such as Capture the Cheese.

R.A.T.S., no guerillas here.

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Plastic Piranha will be available to answer questions and showcase our titles at E3, South Hall, Booth 2762.

About Plastic Piranha

Plastic Piranha, LLC is an international team of Developers from among the best games and mods of the PC Community. Piranha seeks to give the community everything it is asking for and much more. Allowing the vision to come to life is the power of state of the art Unreal Engine 3™.

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