GamingModz Gives Controller Modding Market a Facelift

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I want one of these for my controllers.. for all of my controllers actually would be cool. is the industry leader in custom gaming controllers for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Our range of products includes rapid fire modded controllers as well as custom designed controller shells and accessories. All of our products are made to order which guarantees each item is unique.

We are a company by gamers, for gamers. We know what the gaming public wants and needs from their gaming gear. GamingModz was started with the idea that each gamer is an individual with unique style and taste. In a market that is dominated by lackluster controller designs, GamingModz set out to create a gaming experience that our customers would never forget. Through our unique customization process we guarantee that your controller reflects who you are as a gamer and as an individual.

All of our products start with genuine controller parts straight from the original product manufacturer. Our teams of highly skilled and trained technicians then construct each controller within the specifications of the original customer order. The final product is a unique experience in its own right.

At GamingModz we found that many of the rapid fire options on the market were lacking in functionality and customization options. All of our competitor’s products offer things like jitter and burst mods but rarely deliver as promised. This is why we took it upon ourselves to develop our own rapid fire modifications for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.  Our 10 mode custom rapid fire controllers for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 let the customer add as many custom modifications to the controller as they’d like. These features include jitter, auto burst, drop shot, quick scope, sniper breath, fast reload, and active reload. These exclusive mods allow our customers to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Customers can select any number of custom modifications including our exclusive 10 mode rapid fire modification, colored and illuminating thumb sticks, illuminating buttons, and over 100 custom shell designs.

Although several companies online offer services similar to ours, what sets GamingModz apart from the competition is the quality of our products and designs. All of our custom shells are professionally painted in a state-of-the-art paint facility. Our five-step process guarantees that all of our shells have the highest quality finish while retaining the functionality that they were originally designed for. We offer extended warranties on all our items guaranteeing that all of our customers receive the highest quality products available on the market today.

GamingModz is dedicated to bringing the gaming industry something for everyone. Our products stand high above the competition. With two years experience in the field of controller customization we know that our products are second to none. We tailor our product options to the requests and needs of our client base. By having something for everyone we have created a trusted household name in the gaming community. We are GamingModz: Modz for the Masses.

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