Tippy Tower – Tower Building Puzzle Game You Shouldn’t Miss

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Timaware sent me over some PR about their new game called Tippy Tower, and they suggest I share it with you.


Tippy Tower is a unique tower building puzzle game where players must do skycrapping to the top using different shapes of bricks. The concept is actually simple. Build up a tower by placing each brick on top of each other until reach the target height. When the Tower reaches red marker, it means success and continue to the next level, while the bonus marker will give players extra points. The game starts with few simple levels for warming up. Starting from mid levels, players can expect another type of bricks coming up and they will find that it won’t be that easy to get to the top. Players need to use creative strategy to beat the game and succeed to be a Tippy Master.
This game is suitable for all ages; kids, parents, adults, teenagers. Considering all the feedbacks we’ve had, we also believe that Tippy Tower may help players developing constructive and tactical thinking, be fun for playing during family time and also a an excellent way of killing time.
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Tippy Tower

The App Store featured Tippy Tower as “New & Noteworthy” for a week right after it was released. During that period it was also in the top 50 in Board games in the US and UK. It’s available in the App Store world wide for $0.99 price only.