Popstar Physics Free Tomorrow

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Tel-Aviv based Nitako games today announces Popstar Physics, the sequel to the hit iOS 3d puzzler Save Toshi DX. The game will be available on the appstore starting on Tue, May 31, 2011. To celebrate the release the game will launch as FREE for a limited time.

Do you love great physics puzzle games? Are you ready to save the world? The adorable mega pop-star Toshi has been kidnapped by the evil demons… again! This time they used her DNA to create zombie clones and locked her soul up in the dungeons of hell. Without her supernatural demon-killing dancing powers to protect us, the evil lord of demons can now easily take over the world.

Your job is to crush all the zombie clones by shooting their 3D castles with a limited number of shots. If you succeed, you will help free Toshi’s soul, win her heart and save the rest of us from eternal damnation. Save Toshi, save the world!

This clever game combines simple controls, a ton of gameplay elements and most importantly, a 3rd dimension to puzzle solving, to create a truly fun physics puzzler that is unlike anything you’ve seen before.


✚ The first and most innovative 3D blox physics puzzle for the iOS!
✚ Amazingly fluid and realistic 3d physics – works without a glitch on all devices!
✚ Outstanding variety of different gameplay elements
✚ Intuitive & easy to pick up controls
✚ Easy and straightforward learning process with in-game tutorials
✚ Hint system available for all levels!
✚ Simple golf like scoring system (based on number of shots)
✚ Insanely cute and funniest game character ever!
✚ Beautiful 3D graphics!
✚ Universal app with full HD Retina display – will look great on your iPad!


The game will be available on the appstore starting Tue, May 31, 2011.

The game will launch as Free for a limited time, Review copies are available upon request.

Website: http://www.nitako.com