Tt eSPORTS Launches Tt eSPORTS Challenge – TeC – Gaming Community with Monthly Cash Prize Tournament

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Some news from Thermaltake.

“Challenge the Game” with Tt eSPORTS, a PC gaming business unit of Thermaltake offering professional-grade gaming keyboard, mice and headsets to the worldwide gaming communities and enthusiasts, unveiled today the official launch of Tt eSPORTS Challenge “TeC” (, a further progression in an effort to enable PC gamers in the United States and Canada to immerse themselves in competitive gaming in both Professional and Amateur Circuits.

Potential competitors, participants and eSports fans alike can learn more about the gaming tournaments, sweepstakes giveaway and gaming coverage at Live and Video-On-Demand of commentary, special player interviews and creative discussion will also be available on the site platform for entertainment uses.

“Tt eSPORTS Challenge is a platform set up to give players of all backgrounds and skill levels the chance to compete in a stable environment for cash and hardware prizes,” says Eric Brinkley, eSports & Community Manager for Tt eSPORTS North America; “As a competitor myself I am absolutely excited for this launch and the implications it will have on the North American eSports scene.”

“Contrary to common believe that gaming in general has caused concern for younger population to be distracted from proper education by enticing these gamers to play game for long duration of times, gaming communities have shown to build competitiveness characteristic and crucial networking assets that are crucial to building a successful career path,” commented Weller Chen, Product Marketing Director of Thermaltake, “Tt eSPORTS Challenge is set to do just that in addition to offering an ideal medium for gamers and PC enthusiasts to participate in a friendly, rewarding and competitive environment.”

Tt eSPORTS Challenge will launch with the titles Starcraft II by Blizzard Entertainment and League of Legends by Riot Games. The Starcraft II event will be a double elimination open tournament in a 1 versus 1 format with a $3,000 prize pool in addition to hardware prizes, while the League of Legends tournament will be a 5 versus 5 double elimination open tournament featuring $1,500 in cash in addition to hardware prizes. Both events are set to span one month.

Cyber Evolution LLC., will partner with Tt eSPORTS on the Tt eSPORTS Challenge venture: “As the boom of eSports has surged again it has been fascinating to watch companies develop renewed strategic marketing campaigns with the primary focus of creating custom web portals using eSports as the back drop to drive brand awareness.  CEVO is excited once again to collaborate with our longtime sponsor Thermaltake and its Tt eSPORTS gaming brand to bring the interactive eSports portal, ”Tt eSPORTS Challenge”, which will categorically be one of the most exciting eSports venues in North America”, said Charlie Plitt, President of the CEVO LLC. “With Tt eSPORTS’ continued commitment to the North American eSports community over the years, I know gamers in Canada and the US will not be disappointed and should look forward to lots of exciting competition.”

Tt eSPORTS is dedicated towards the promotion of eSports and competitive gaming world wide. Are you ready to compete? Challenge the Game at

About Tt eSPORTS
Established in 2010, Tt eSPORTS is a PC Gaming business unit of Thermaltake, offering professional-grade gaming keyboards, gaming mice and other gaming accessories including headsets to gaming communities and enthusiasts worldwide. Tt eSPORTS has already established several high-profile gaming teams representing the brand around the world as well as its very own Tt Apollo gaming team with more than 12 players living in Tt eSPORTS’ training facility located in Asia with salary. In addition to strategizing and practicing for up-coming gaming tournaments, Tt Apollo players are also required to attend regular academic classes among other extracurricular classes planned by Tt eSPORTS in an effort to encourage players to encourage players to develop themselves as individuals and explore possible future career paths.

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