Mobile Fun News: Tips & Titbits – iPad 2 accessories, iPhone 4 accessories and a handy Galaxy S2 cable

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It’s another week so we’ve got some new stuff from Mobile Fun for you to check out.


There’s been quite a few bits of news this week, starting off with the fact that we now have a release date and price for the Sim Free HTC Sensation – exciting –

Next I’ve got a couple of really cool new iPad 2 accessories which have finally arrived in stock; The Marware Eco-Vue Case and the Targus Rotating Case.  With the Targus, it allows you to rotate your iPad2 whilst it’s in the case, meaning you can use your iPad in both portrait and landscape angles whilst it’s in the desk stand position.  The Marware cases we’ve been waiting for for a while, so we’re really pleased they’re finally in stock because they’re great quality and the Eco-Vue is environmentally friendly because it’s made from eco-leather.



I got to look at the new Wow-Keys Keyboard this week, which is available for pre-order now.  It’s possibly one of the coolest keyboards I’ve seen as it docks your iPhone 4 (in it’s case!) then lets you switch between typing on your PC and typing on your iPhone 4 – all at the push of a button.  Plus it charges and syncs your phone whilst it’s docked and even integrates your phone to be part of the keyboard, allowing you to use it as a trackpad or a number pad.  This is definitely on my birthday list!



Another great iPhone 4 accessory that arrived on my desk this week was the Rebel 2Phone Dual SIM Case, a clever case which houses a second SIM, meaning you can have two phone lines connected to your iPhone. It’s a great idea for business people who want to have both their work and personal lines on the same handset.



Finally, for all you Galaxy S2 owners, we’ve started stocking a microUSB to USB converter, which means you can store music and movies on your memory stick then seamlessly play them through your Galaxy S2 without using up any of the phone’s precious memory.  It also means you can attach a keyboard to your S2 or any other USB lead device – so it’s something I’d recommend for all S2 owners, plus it’s under £10 so it’s a bargain.



One last thing, if you buy anything on the site this weekend and use the word HURRAH at the checkout – you get free delivery!