Verbatim´s new Blu-ray LTH

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I need to get me a blu-ray burner, yeah I really need one. This backing up to DVDs is ridiculous.

In the optical storage media sector, Verbatim is presenting its new Blu-ray 6x BD-R LTH Type with AZO technology. It offers 25GB of storage capacity with a 6x burning rate. It will also be available in a version with a wide printable surface as far as the inner ring. It is suitable for recording films in high definition, backing up large amounts of data and the long-term archiving of photos and videos.

With its new Blu-ray disc BD-R 25GB 6x LTH Type (LTH=low to high in-groove recording) Verbatim is affirming its technology leadership in the field of optical storage media. With an impressive capacity of 25GB (up to 5 times the capacity of a DVD), the new Verbatim BD-R LTH is the ideal solution for long-term storage and archival needs for all personal data, office work files as well as photos and videos.  It offers space for up to 135 minutes (MPEG2) of entertainment in HD-quality at a burning time of 15 minutes. The printable version is fully inkjet printable (22 – 118mm) to the inner ring and gives the opportunity to personalise the disc with images and text.’

  • 25GB capacity, offering 3 to 5 times the capacity of a standard DVD-R
  • Hard Coat protective layer
  • Long archival life of 50 years
  • AZO recording layer for optimum recording quality
  • Excellent playback performance
  • Printable surface as far as the inner ring, fully inkjet printable (22 – 118mm)

Verbatim AZO technology and Hard Coat Protection

The BD-R LTH Type uses Verbatim´s proven AZO technology, which ensures perfect recording quality and long term reliability. It has a long archival life and is superbly protected by Verbatim´s Hard CoatTM technology, a special scratch protection layer that safeguards the disc from scratches, fingerprints or dust, thereby helping to avoid recording or playback errors.

““Thanks to the AZO recording technologies developed by our parent company Mitsubishi Kagaku Media, customers can be confident they have media of the highest quality,” says Torsten Leye, Marketing Manager Optical at Verbatim EUMEA. “We want to contribute our technological expertise to every sector, and with this new Blu-ray we are taking a giant step towards the future. Just as DVD technology followed CDs, Blu-ray is the next generation of optical media, offering significant benefits for recording and archiving needs. And with the ever increasing quantities of data being generated by

businesses today, the enormous capacity of the Blu-ray format is a compelling argument. We have been the world market leader for many years in CD-Rs and DVD-Rs*. We’re now harnessing the wealth of experience we have gained in the development of successful optical storage media to produce our new Blu-ray with AZO technology and are the first to launch this global innovation onto the market,” added Leye

*Verbatim has been recognised as the No.1-selling brand worldwide over the past fi ve consecutive years – source SCCG/JRIA