SkyMap for Windows Phone 7 Updated

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SkyMap for Windows Phone 7 Updated to Version 1.2
SkyMap application for Windows Phone 7 was recently updated to version 1.2
What is SkyMap for Windows Phone 7?
SkyMap provides interactive sky maps for any time, viewpoint and location on Earth. It shows the different names, coordinates, magnitude, astronomical rise and set times plus additional information for over 110000 stars, messier objects, planets, sun and the moon.
SkyMap was one of the top 50 paid applications in US market for approximate 4 weeks after its initial release. The application has also a free trial exposing most of its features.
New Features in version 1.2
– map rotation mode
– astronomy picture of the day
– point to sky mode (beta)
– flashlight, map orientation lock and other improvements
– help page
Details about the new features in version 1.2
In order to increase the usability of the application, a set of new features were added. Map rotation complements the existing map translation and increases the application usability in the field. Due to popular demand a beta version of the point to sky feature was included that uses the phone accelerometer sensor. SkyMap will provide a full point to sky feature after Microsoft provides access to compass API (feature announced in the Mango OS release).
Astronomy picture of the day brings the integration with NASA’s apod website and provides a convenient way to view and browse these pictures from inside the SkyMap application.
Flashlight, ability to adjust the star density (show more/less stars), map orientation lock, help pages and other improvements were included in order to help users to maximize their stargazing / night observation experience.
Video presentation of the new features in Version 1.2:
Product web page:,
Detailed description of the new features in version 1.2:
Existing SkyMap for Windows Phone 7 Features:
SkyMap has a full set of features in order to help both casual stargazers and amateur astronomers to explore and locate the objects in the sky: interactive zoom , night mode, gesture support, telrad circles,
space objects information, autocomplete search, fast star data loading and initialization, map support for portrait and landscape orientations, etc.
Version 1.0 video presentation: