Icebreaker Hockey Hits the App Store This June

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NaturalMotion Games, a digital publisher of high-end socially connected games and the company behind the million-selling Backbreaker franchise, announced today that they’re taking to the ice with Icebreaker Hockey. Developed by Digital Legends, the iOS game will be available in the App Store June 2, 2011.

An intense action arcade hockey game, Icebreaker Hockey has players deke, spin, skate, and score against defenders using both on-screen buttons and accelerometer controls. Players can choose from eight original teams and play two different modes at three different levels for variety. Icebreaker Hockey also includes Game Center support with leaderboards, plus achievements that can be unlocked as challenges are accomplished.

Icebreaker Hockey uses morpheme, NaturalMotion’s graphically authorable animation engine, to deliver the highest quality animation to the iPhone and iPad. Shooting original motion capture on the ice with professional players, Icebreaker Hockey showcases a realistic fluidity of motion to rival console quality. Paired with a 3D arena setting complete with OpenGL 2.0 effects, ice reflections, advanced shading, ice spray, and more, players will be immersed in the environment and feel like they’re actually out on the ice.

“Icebreaker is all about creating the feeling of being on the ice,” said Torsten Reil, CEO of NaturalMotion. “We’ve been delighted to work with the talented team at Digital Legends to create a game that’s intense, pick-up-and-play and impossible to put down.”

“We have been thrilled to work with NaturalMotion on combining state-of-the-art technology for animations and graphics to recreate on the iPhone an amazing ice skating sensation and on focusing on attention to detail to deliver the best gaming experience” added Xavier Carrillo-Costa, CEO, Digital Legends Entertainment.

Icebreaker Hockey is being developed by Digital Legends Entertainment, a top-tier designer and developer of high-end mobile gaming experiences. The game will be published by NaturalMotion and will be available in the App Store June 2, 2011 for $2.99.

About NaturalMotion

NaturalMotion Games is a digital publisher of high-end, accessible games for connected new platforms, combining advanced technology and graphics with accessible, social gameplay. The company’s acclaimed franchises Backbreaker, Icebreaker and Jenga unite visual fidelity with truly accessible gameplay, creating a new breed of interactive entertainment on a handheld device. For more information on NaturalMotion Games, visit