AV-Comparatives Awards Advanced+ Rating to BullGuard

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AV-Comparatives, an independent anti-virus test organization, has officially released test results for BullGuard Internet Security 10 and awarded the brand its highest approval rating of Advanced+. BullGuard earned near perfect scores in “On Demand” malware detection rate tests, which determine the standalone effectiveness of anti-virus engines. Along with its superior detection capabilities, the security suite showcased its reliability with an extremely low false alarm rate.
AV-Comparatives’ On Demand malware detection tests utilize a test-set that contains about 403,000 malware samples from the six months prior to assessment. The tests account for both detection capabilities and reliability, including a product’s tendency to flag clean files as infected. Based on results in these categories, AV-Comparative then certifies anti-virus programs in four levels: Tested, Standard, Advanced and Advanced+. BullGuard’s cumulative Advance+ rating outscored anti-virus products from ESET, Avast, AVG, Microsoft, Norton and Panda.
“BullGuard has consistently earned top malware detection scores from independent testing organizations including AV-Comparatives and AV-Test. The secret behind these outstanding results is the structure we have chosen for our security suite. We carefully establish a maximum security environment with an architecture based on layered defenses,” said BullGuard CTO Claus Villumsen.
“The layers include a variety of web scanning, behavior blocking and traditional signature detection tools. Each layer doesn’t have to be 100% effective on its own; if malicious code gets through one layer, it will be caught by the next,” Villumsen said. “Additionally, BullGuard’s Behavioral Detection identifies viruses long before these traditional methods, and is based on the behavior of the virus. Consequently, instead of merely catching viruses once they’ve been listed in the virus signature database, Behavioral Detection identifies viruses that behave abnormally.”
BullGuard’s AV-Comparatives test results are published on the AV-Comparatives web site, along with the results for the rest of the industry.
For more information on mobile security, visit www.bullguard.com