Introducing CellHandle That Allows Users to Hold a Mobile Device with Just One Finger

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I would file this under useless I think, at least for me. Some of you out there might want something like this…


Scott Paul Technologies has introduced CellHandle™. Now your hands can be free to do other things securely without the fear of dropping your mobile device. Just decide which finger works best, adjust the strap, and start using it.

A select group of preteens, teens, executives and active seniors have been using CellHandle™ before its availability to the public. Here are some of the comments received after using CellHandle™. “The phone just stays on my finger. It’s great!,” said one of the teens. One of the very active seniors using it said, “My hands don’t get tired while using it. The phone is secure just using one finger. I can’t believe no one has come up with this before now.”

This innovative new product is the creation of Paul Sklar and Scott Cynamon. An attorney and a recycling company executive by day became inventors out of need. The idea was conceived after surgery requiring bed rest. Two years and 128 versions in development and CellHandle™ is now ready to make it easier to handle your phone. It carries an MSRP of $19.95.

Scott Paul Technologies is also launching EZ CellHolder™. A product designed to work together with CellHandle™. It provides a convenient and easy way to place your phone and other hand held devices where you want to keep or store them. Two complete kits are included and have an MSRP of $9.95. These new accessories will be coming to a local retailer soon and are now available online at Please visit us at Booth #T5 at the CEA Line Show, June 22nd – 23rd in New York for a demonstration.

Scott Paul Technologies create unique options for carrying your mobile devices. They design, manufacture, distribute and sell innovative accessories that create a comfortable and secure way of holding, storing and using handheld electronic gear. All products are designed and made in the US.

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