Power A Nintendo DSi XL Starter Kit Review

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I’ll admit it, I’m an addict for protection for my devices. Every gadget I own must have at least a screen protector on it, and a case if one is available. I also like deals so when looking for a screen protector or case I try and find bundles. Today for review I’ve got an excellent starter kit for the Nintendo DI XL from Power A. In the kit you’ll find a case, screen protectors and other useful accessories to protect and make the most of your DSi XL, and the best part is that it’s inexpensive.


Product Name: DSi XL Starter Kit

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Provider: Power A

Price: $19.34 (from Amazon at time of review)

Start protecting your Nintendo DSi XL system with this starter kit! With this pack of essentials, you can have the ultimate gaming experience. The neoprene case fully zips around your system and is specifically made for your Nintendo DSi XL. Get ready for non-stop gaming with the included car adaptor – which, as an officially licensed Nintendo accessory, will not void your game system warranty! This car adaptor also works with Nintendo DSi (does not work with Nintendo DS Lite). Store up to 8 of your favorite Nintendo DS Game Cards in the 2 tri-fold game cases. A universal Touch Stylus (works for any Nintendo DS system), 2 Replacement Stylus, 2 Screen Protectors, Stereo Earbuds, and a Cleaning Cloth are provided. Choose from Deep Wine, Bronze, and Black. Officially licensed by Nintendo, this is a 100% Authentic POWER A product. Nintendo DSi XL game system, games and other accessories sold separately.

Product Features:
-Color: Black
-Protects, stores, and maintains the new Nintendo DSi XL system
-Neoprene case with full zip closure is specifically fitted for the larger Nintendo DSi XL system
-Includes officially licensed DSi XL/DSi car adaptor, storage for 8 Nintendo DS Game Cards, stereo earbuds, 1 universal touch stylus and 2 replacement stylus for DSi XL, 2 screen protectors, and a cleaning cloth
-Officially licensed by Nintendo. 100% Authentic POWER A product
-Available in Deep Wine, Bronze, and Black


The Review::

The kit comes is a rather large box with a window in the front so you can see mostly everything included. On the back you’ll find a list of what’s inside and a brief description.

xlkit1 xlkit2

Inside is a plastic tray with everything nicely organized for you.


The case itself is zipper nylon with faux leather patches on it. I got the black colored one but other colors are available. The case feels nicely made, and it’s rather thick while being soft inside to protect your DSi XL from scratches.



Included in the kit is a set of earbuds. They’re fairly generic, but they do have the DS logo on them. I used them for a while but I don’t care for them personally. For gaming they’re fine, but they’re not the greatest for music.


Sadly the DSi XL doesn’t come with a travel charger, but in the Power A Starter Kit you get one. It works great, I’ve used it several times now, it stays in my car now actually. The cord is nice and long, and overall it feels nicely made.


In the Power A Starter Kit you’ll also fine two small styli and a pen style one as well. You’ll get red and black colors and they’re pretty much exactly the same as the original ones that come with the DSi XL. No complaints or any real comments about these, they’re just as good as the original.


Included as well are two game cases that can hold four DS games each.  The cases are semi-transparent red in color and have three sections with two sides basically. Each side holds two games, so you can carry eight games with you in the cases.

xlkit8 xlkit9


xlkit15 xlkit16

One of the reasons I got this kit was for the screen protectors of course. it comes with two as you might expect, one for the top screen and one for the bottom. Like any screen protector you’ll have to be careful putting it on and I was. I didn’t have any issues getting it on, so no problems there. Using them I found no difference with them on or with them off, the sensitivity was the same. They seem fairly thick actually, so they should do a very good job at protecting the screens of your DSi XL. I’ve been using them for a while now and they’re still stuck to the screens very well and I don’t foresee them coming off anytime soon.

xlkit10 xlkit11


This kit from Power A has got everything you might need to protect your DSi XL along with some nice extra accessories. If you’re looking for a nice starter kit for you DSi XL than I can easily recommend you get this one as it has everything you need and more.

The cost for this kit is under $20 without shipping on Amazon, and I’d have to say it’s well worth it overall. I’d happily pay $20 for just the screen protectors and the case, but for that price you get everything else as well.

Sure the earbuds aren’t the greatest, but it’s nice to have a spare pair. The case is very tight fitting, getting your DSi XL in there can be a challenge, but once it’s in it will be protected very well.


+Low price for what you get
+Screen protectors work well
+Case will protect your DSi XL
-Case is very tight fitting
-Earbuds aren’t the greatest



Scores:: 9 out of 10
Overall: score-9-10
Aesthetic: score-9-10
Price / Value: score-9-10
Quality: score-9-10
Usability: score-9-10



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