BEATbox FREE – REAL Human Beatboxing App for iPhone/iPod

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Like we really needed something like this? I guess it could be fun for a bit to get your frustrations out on a co-worker or nagging boss though.. So it does have a purpose.

Get your anger out – in a creative way! With “BEATbox FREE – REAL Human Beatboxing!” you poke, punch and slap a poor dude’s face to create a catchy beat. But don’t worry, it’s just slapstick. At least it will get you some laughs from friends showing them the human beatbox getting his forehead slapped:
The download is FREE. Watch this YouTube video to see how it works:


– Tap anywhere on the face to make one beat after another
– Play the track as a real video sequence
– Change the length of each part separately
– Export to YouTube, Facebook, via Email or to the Library
– Share your tracks with other users
– Switch between 5 different tracks
– Copy & Paste
– Rotate your iPhone to watch the track in fullscreen