FSP Launches AURUM Cable Management Series

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The power supply is sort of like the heart of the system, without a decent one you won’t have stability, and that’s not good.

When it comes to high C/P ratio yet powerful PSU’s, FSP is always one of the first companies to be mentioned. AURUM Cable Management Series is built with the FSP MIA IC technology which advances Active-Clamp Topology to a whole new level. In addition, AURUM Cable Management Series comes with full industrial-grade Japanese capacitors, maximum reliability is undoubtedly ensured. With a power efficiency > 90%, AURUM Series is 80PLUS Gold certified and yet provides ultimate performance and highest protection that today’s cutting-edge PC components demand.

The modular cable design simplifies installation as it allows flexibility in choosing only those cables needed. AURUM Cable Management Series come with Low Profile Flat Cabling system that optimizes airflow and neatness in your computer’s chassis.

Components are spaciously placed and designed, and this increases airflow inside the PSU. Maintaining PSU cool is something that constantly sought after by PC builders; AURUM Cable Management is the perfect combination of Technology, Innovation, Eco-friendly and Anesthetic, AURUM Cable Management Series is definitely the best solution for your system.

AURUM Cable Management comes in 3 wattages, ranging from 550W, 650W and 750W for your choice.

For more information, please visit www.FSPGroupUSA.com