Armored Drive is now out on WP7

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Title says it all I think.. but let the designer tell you more:


My long awaited game Armored Drive is now out on WP7 with car carnage never before seen on WP7! This is my most ambitious free game so far, as it combines my high replayability game philosophy with more social game like persistence of upgrades.

Game Description:

The latest in spy car technology is called Armored Drive. It is the platform which all new spy cars will be built. However the new platform is not complete, and it is up to you the “spy car test driver” to ensure the the Armored Drive platform is the best it can be. You will use the Armored Drive in real life situations during live traffic across the the land. You will be faced with different scenarios which you need overcome using your skill and upgradable spy technology. The garage is available to upgrade the Armored Drive, but it will take money to do it. Thankfully we are funded more as we test the Armored Drive, as well as an unlimited access to Armored Drive replacements. This is not your Spy Car from before, we don’t care about civilians, in fact we get paid more to test the new platform on these civilian vehicles. So go out there and test the hell out of the Armored Drive

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