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Quote: Music to me is a must, everywhere I go I have it with me. It’s on my phone, and my MP3 player that I hook up in my car. The radio isn’t bad, but I much prefer listening to what I want without the commercials. One thing great about mP3 players is their portability, they allow us to be free to do the things we want. If you’re an active person you might have noticed that some headphones or earbuds just don’t like to stay in place, well that’s where the product I have today for review fits in. The Helix from Wicked Audio are made for those with an active lifestyle, they feature earloops like you would find on a Bluetooth headset that keep them in your ears while active. The Helix only cost $15, and for that price I was surprised at just how good they sound.

Link: http://mobilitydigest.com/mobility-digest-review-wicked-audio-helix-headphones/