Mobile Fun News – Angry Birds Nokia cases, Galaxy S II accessories

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Mobile Fun is a friend of ours and they’ve got tons of great products with more coming out all of the time.

Here’s what you actually want to know about:

Galaxy S II accessories

I’ve been taking a look at some of the Galaxy S II accessories that are coming into stock over this fortnight to see how to get the very best out of one of the very best phones!

The Official Samsung Galaxy S II car holder arrived in stock this week, which holds the phone on the windscreen or the dash as well as docking and charging it at the same time. We also have a lower cost option from GripMount which does much the same job, though doesn’t look quite as stylish.



The Galaxy S II Sound Station is available for pre-order on the website now and is a great asset for those summery barbecues and garden parties, as it runs from the phone battery and doesn’t need any external power source. It’s a simple phone dock with in-built stereo speakers which gives you room-filling volume and none of the tiny tinny sound of a mobile phone speaker.




I’ve also put together a blog post on our top five Galaxy S II cases so far. If you fancy a gander at any of them, please get in touch with as usual to request samples 🙂

Angry Birds Cases for Nokia

Nokia users don’t need to feel left out anymore as Angry Birds have extended their popular range of phone cases to cover some of the top Nokia models – the N8, X7, C6, C7 and E7 . These were a huge hit with iPhone 4 and iPad 2 users, and we anticipate the Angry Bird Nokia cases should go down very well too – they’re available in three different designs, featuring Red Bird, Black Bird and Pig King.



Motorola Atrix dock

We’re dead excited about what changes the Motorola Atrix might spell for the future of netbooks and mobile computing. Motorola have come out with their innovative Motorola Atrix Laptop Dock, which basically acts sort of like an empty laptop shell – and your phone provides the hard-drive. That means you can dock your phone in and access documents, media and the internet through it via a fully functioning laptop-size screen and keyboard, with in-built speakers.