Ballistic Expands its Line of Award-Winning Rugged Cases

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Well it’s about time we see some decent cases for Android phones. I really like the looks of these and they seem as though they’ll offer good protection for your phone.


Ballistic, designers of advanced mobile accessories, is thrilled to announce the launch of  the following Ballistic Hard Core™ (HC™) and Ballistic Shell Gel™ (SG™) cases:

Ballistic Hard Core™ (HC™)
: Motorola Atrix, HTC Incredible 2, HTC Thunderbolt and Samsung Infuse 4G.
Ballistic Shell Gel™ (SG™): Blackberry Bold 2, HTC Incredible 2, HTC Thunderbolt, Motorola Atrix and Samsung Infuse 4G.
The Ballistic Hard Core (HC) case, designed and tested to meet Military Specifications, quickly became the most technically advanced rugged case on the market. The Ballistic Hard Core takes durability to the next level by integrating an impressive five layers of advanced protection:



The Ballistic Shell Gel (SG) case offers superior protection in a slimmer form factor.  It integrates an outermost layer, which is made of soft rubber (TPU) for shock absorption. This rubber layer is co-molded to the middle layer which is made of tough impact resistant polycarbonate. These two layers combine to offer a formidable defense against everyday damage. The inner-most layer is made of soft silicone, with strong Ballistic Corners™ to absorb the shock of a drop, offering consumers that promised Ballistic protection with a lighter design.
The Ballistic Shell Gel ensures that your mobile device is completely protected by offering these three tough layers of protection:


“Since its inception, the Ballistic brand has focused on offering the ultimate protection for smartphones,” said Adam Stubin, VP of Business Development, Ballistic. “By offering the different series (Hard Core and Shell Gel) to a wide variety of smartphone users, we’re following our mission of producing cases that are guaranteed to survive life!”
The Ballistic Hard Core and Shell Gel cases for the Samsung Infuse are available now at AT&T retail locations as well as, The Ballistic Shell Gel for the Blackberry Bold, HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Incredible 2, and Motorola Atrix is available at as well as various retailers and e-tailers nationwide. The Ballistic Hard Core for the HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Incredible 2, and Motorola Atrix will be available in June at as well as various retailers and e-tailers nationwide.  The MSRP for Ballistic Shell Gel (SG) is $34.99 and $49.99 for the Ballistic Hard Core (HC).