RunCore SSD reaches IOPS 50,000

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Now that’s fast!  Just looking at the Atto test we see it hits 271 mb/s write and 283 mb/s for read speed.

Recently, RunCore upgraded its Pro and Kylin series to 50000 IOPS, a very high throughput compared to other similar products in the market. It must be a dazzling star in the SSD market.

RunCore Kylin &Pro series, the high performance SSD, are made for Enterprise and Consumer market, adopted the leading controller, using the excellent algorithm to balance the write activity in flash, bring a rapid elevation on the field of performance. The high IOPS of 50,000, is incomparable to other existing product in the market which has 10,000 IOPS. The sustained read & write is up to 285/275MB/s, nearly reach the theory limitation, especially suitable for DIY overclockers, who have higher requirement on performance, Telecommunication industry, financial industry and other high-end commercial server users.



IOPS (Input/output Operations Per Second, pronounced i-ops) is a common benchmark for hard disks, solid state drives, and other computer storage devices. It plays a similar role as CPU’s frequency, is the most important technical parameters to measure the performance level of hard drive. The IOPS of ordinary mechanical hard drive is so low that becomes the biggest performance bottle neck inside the computer, even if the enterprise-class product are only at a few hundred of IOPS. For business, time is money; faster movement could win the opportunity before the opponents take action. RunCore Kylin series SSD, best fit in the enterprise servers, could provide ultra-high performance much higher than the traditional mechanical hard drive, with up to 50,000 IOPS that could bring the server a quick response, higher overall performance, stronger data synchronous processing ability, and a strong impetus on company development. Recently RunCore upgraded its enterprise product, which uses the rare 34nm flash, could greatly ensure the Enterprise user’s requirement of high performance and long life span on SSD

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