Hasbro’s Transformers Brand “Rolls Out” a Blockbuster Summer with New Toy Line

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Toys aren’t just for kids, I know I love playing with them! Transformers are still cool no matter how old you are.

The iconic TRANSFORMERS brand from Hasbro, Inc. which has become one of the most successful entertainment franchises of the 21st century, reaches new heights in 2011 when the heroic AUTOBOTS and the villainous DECEPTICONS once again invade movie theaters around the world to continue their epic battle. The new Paramount Pictures live-action movie from director Michael Bay, and executive producer Steven Spielberg, TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON picks up from the last movie with the DECEPTICONS vowing to avenge their defeat and ultimately results in mysterious ties to the 1960’s space race between the US and USSR. The movie — which will be the first-ever TRANSFORMERS film in 3D — opens worldwide on July 1, 2011. Fans won’t have to wait until then to get in on the TRANSFORMERS action as Hasbro announces the global availability of its TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON toy line at retail locations beginning this week.

As one of the hottest global entertainment properties, the TRANSFORMERS brand launches a deep and innovative product line that captures the excitement of the movie while introducing new play patterns and experiences to the brand for kids and fans alike. Highlights include two new action figure segments — the convertible, interchangeable weapons of the MECHTECH line and the collectability and simpler conversions of the CYBERVERSE line — both featuring popular AUTOBOT and DECEPTICON characters like OPTIMUS PRIME and MEGATRON, as well as characters from the new film including SENTINEL PRIME. And, continuing the innovation TRANSFORMERS toys are known for, the brand is excited to announce the new CINE-MASK 3D role-play masks. These TRANSFORMERS character masks feature built in RealD 3D lenses and can be worn to RealD 3D theater showings or fans can enjoy as a role play mask at home to recreate the TRANSFORMERS fantasy. Following are detailed highlights from the new TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON line.


One of the most innovative toy lines in history introduces the next revolution in TRANSFORMERS action figures with the new MECHTECH line. Each TRANSFORMERS MECHTECH figure comes with a unique converting MECHTECH weapon that is interchangeable with all other core TRANSFORMERS MECHTECH figures. MECHTECH weapons can connect to each other or to TRANSFORMERS MECHTECH figures to “power-up” the figure. Following are highlights of the new MECHTECH line launching at retailers.

  • TRANSFORMERS MECHTECH Leader Action Figure Assortment
    (Approximate retail price: $44.99: Ages: 5+; Available: Now)
    The TRANSFORMERS MECHTECH Leader class assortment offers a large scale with tremendous detail, includes lights and sounds, converts from robot to vehicle and comes with a large MECHTECH weapon. Characters include BUMBLEBEE and SENTINEL PRIME. Each figure sold separately. 2 AA batteries included.
  • TRANSFORMERS MECHTECH Voyager & Deluxe Action Figure Assortments
    (Approximate retail price: Voyager $19.99; Deluxe $11.99: Ages: 5+; Available: Now)
    The figures in the TRANSFORMERS MECHTECH Voyager class convert from robot to vehicle and offer a unique MECHTECH weapon. Voyager class characters include OPTIMUS PRIME, IRONHIDE, MEGATRON and more. The TRANSFORMERS MECHTECH Deluxe figures convert from vehicle to robot and offer a wide breadth of AUTOBOT and DECEPTICON characters, including BUMBLEBEE, AUTOBOT RATCHET and STARSCREAM. Each figure sold separately.


Collectability has been an inherent part of TRANSFORMERS action figures since their inception over twenty-five years ago. The new TRANSFORMERS CYBERVERSE line of action figures is created in a collectable, small scale and features easier robot-to-vehicle conversion than its larger counterparts in the MECHTECH line. The easier conversion and smaller scale allows kids to change the toys from robot to vehicle and play out the TRANSFORMERS fantasy! The new CYBERVERSE line features action figures as well as playsets. Following are highlights of the new CYBERVERSE line launching at retailers.

  • TRANSFORMERS CYBERVERSE Commander & Legion Action Figure Assortments
    (Approximate retail price: Commander $7.99; Legion $4.99: Ages: 5+; Available: Now)
    To play out the battle of the AUTOBOTS vs. the DECEPTICONS, the TRANSFORMERS CYBERVERSE Commander class figures convert from robot to vehicle and come with converting accessories and gear to take the battle to the next level. The TRANSFORMERS CYBERVERSE Legion class figures also convert from robot to vehicle and can hold weapons and interact with other CYBERVERSE playsets. More than 20 figures exist within the line to collect. Each figure sold separately. Subject to availability.


Featuring TRANSFORMERS role-play items as well as action figures and other toys for the younger TRANSFORMERS fan, the new ROBOPOWER line offers the opportunity for kids, and kids at heart, to “live out” the broad TRANSFORMERS fantasy. Following are highlights from the TRANSFORMERS ROBOPOWER line launching at retailers.

    (Approximate retail price: $9.99: Ages: 5+; Available: Now)
    Get ready for TRANSFORMERS role-play masks that are “MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE!” New to the TRANSFORMERS line, fans can gear up and roll out with the TRANSFORMERS CINE-MASK 3D Masks for an all-new, one-of-a-kind experience. Each role-play mask – offered in OPTIMUS PRIME and BUMBLEBEE styling – functions as a “battle mask” to play out the TRANSFORMERS fantasy as one of these AUTOBOT characters. But in addition, each mask is also equipped with built in RealD 3D lenses that allow fans to watch any movie in a RealD 3D compatible theater! Each mask sold separately.

The TRANSFORMERS brand has delivered “MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE” fun to legions of kids around the world for more than 25 years with action figures that convert from robot to vehicle and back again. Legions of boys around the world grew up creating fantastic adventures and battles set on both the planet CYBERTRON and Earth that featured the heroic AUTOBOTS — like OPTIMUS PRIME and BUMBLEBEE — clashing with the evil DECEPTICONS, led by MEGATRON. The toys’ popularity reached new levels with the release of the first two live-action TRANSFORMERS movies, cementing the toys and the brand as one of the hottest global entertainment properties.