15 in 1 Starter Kit for Wii Review

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Accessory kits for the Wii are interesting, there’s quite a few of them out there and many are rather specialized, like specifically for gaming.Today I’ve got a kit that is more of a general purpose accessory kit, it’s one that includes a little bit of everything..

Today for review I’ve got another accessory kit, but this one is not exactly just for gaming, it’s a kit that  has a little bit of everything in it.  In this kit from CTA Digital you’ll find a components cable, three different controller covers, an accessory box, replacement straps, fan filters, a clear skin for your Wii and even a cleaning cloth. There’s quite a few things in this kit, but the best part of it is the price it’s about $18, so for under $20 you can get many different and useful accessories for your Wii. So read on to see everything and learn a bit about each part…


Product Name: 15 in 1 Starter  Kit

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Provider: CTA Digital

MSRP: $17.99


15 in 1 Starter Kit


With this ultimate accessory package for your Wii, you will satisfy all of your gaming needs in one pack.

A Rubber Grip Controller Handle, so you can enjoy your gaming experience with complete control and never have to worry about your controller slipping out of your hands.

Rechargeable Batteries for your controller that you can charge while your Wii is idle and can enjoy uninterrupted play upon resuming your gaming, a USB Cable DC .07 that charges the batteries.

Two Silicone Sleeves for your controllers to protect them from dust, scratches and minor bumps that will surely happen with intense gaming.

Three Belt Handles that connects to the controller and secures around your wrist to avoid damaging the controller if it should slip from your hands.

Two Air Filters for the Wii console that protect it from dust and other harmful micro organisms.

Adhesive Film that you can apply to the Wii console that protect the exterior from dust and scratches.

Micro-fiber Towel for wiping down your Wii Console.

Control Holder to store your controllers.

Cable Components to connect your Wii to your television and other entertainment devices.

With the plethora of items to choose from, what more could Wii owners ask for?

Package includes:
* Control Holder
* Rechargeable Batteries for Controllers
* Adhesive Film
* 2 Air Filters
* Micro-Fiber Towel
* Cable Holder
* Rubber Controller Handle
* 2 Silicone Sleeves for Controllers
* Cable Components
* USB Cable for Batteries
* 3 Belt Handles for Controller

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The Review::

There’s a bunch of stuff in this kit, the kit comes in a sealed plastic clamshell style package:

15access1 15access2

Here’s a group shot, then we’ll take a look at each piece individually:


So we’ll start with one of the most useful things in this kit the Component cable, this item alone is probably worth the cost of the kit. Sure you can get them for cheaper, the quality is not bad overall. There are really only a couple thing in this kit that I like and think make the kit worth the cost, and this is one of them.


Next up is the silicone controller covers, they just slip right onto the Wiimote and Nunchuk. They are nice to have, and I like the fact they are very thin and add virtually no bulk to the controller, but yet they provide protection and a non-slip grip.


15access20 15access21

15access22 15access23

Next up are the fan filters, two of them, but I’m not too sure about these. Are they really needed? And I have to question if they’ll actually do more harm than good over the long term. It’s a filter, pulling the air though will make the fans work harder, and of course if you don’t keep them clean the fans will work even hard possibly shortening the lifespan of the fan and thus your Wii.

15access6 15access26

15access27 15access28

Three straps are included, two of the are the nylon cloth and the last is a leather like. These aren’t bad I guess, the cloth ones are a bit thicker than the ones that comes with the controllers, and they’re softer.


Here are the straps compared to the ‘real’ Wii strap:


Next up there’s a cleaning cloth included in the kit, not much to say about this, it works fine I guess…


Included as well is a battery pack and charging cable, it works well and can save you some money on batteries in the long run..


15access31 15access30

The next thing is actually one of my favorite parts in this kit and one that I’ve used quite a bit, the Wiimote cover so you can use it like a game controller. It’s a clear thick soft rubber and it seems well made.


15access16 15access17

15access18 15access19

Also included in the kit is a clear protective cover for your Wii. It’s adhesive so you can apply it like other covers of this kind fairly easily. I did not use it though as I have the MusicSkins Skin on my Wii. I figure i can save it and cut it as need be to use as screen protectors for other devices I’ve got on hand.


There’s also an accessory box included, or actually a box to transport you Wiimote and Nunchuk. it’s a hard plastic box, it’s a nice idea I guess but you can barely get the controller in it and when you do the lid is hard to close.

15access12 15access13

15access24 15access25

There’s also a goofy little wire management thing included in the kit, kinda pointless I think…

15access14 15access15

As far as actually using these things, well there’s not much to say that I haven’t already said when looking at each part.

The quality of most of the stuff is not bad, about what you’d expect for the price, but overall better than I expected it to be.



For about $18 you can get quite a few things, some of which can be worthwhile and useful and some of which are rather pointless and stupid.

The useful does outweigh the useless though, and in terms of price it’s well worth it.

I use the little storage box, not for it’s intended purpose, but I took out the insert and now use it for other things like batteries, covers, cables etc, so it can be useful.

Overall it’s not a bad kit, yes some of the stuff you might already have like the straps, but it’s nice to have extras isn’t it?


+Component cable is worth the cost alone
+Inexpensive for all that you get
+Controller handle is nice and useful
+Quality is decent overall
-Fan filters are questionable
-Box barely fits controllers



Score:: 9 out of 10
Overall: score-9-10
Aesthetic: score-9-10
Price: score-10-10
Quality: score-9-10
Usability: score-9-10



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