Xtreme Wheels Revving Up for the App Store

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Bravo Game Studios, a developer and publisher of high quality 3D mobile games, today announced Xtreme Wheels, a high end 3D trial bike game that brings a new biking experience to iOS devices.

Xtreme Wheels promises to be not only a fun and crazy ride, but a true visual spectacle as well with gorgeous 3D retina display and HD console-worthy graphics all on a mobile device. In addition, Xtreme Wheels will also be optimized for iPad 2, taking full advantage of the A5 dual core processor.

Xtreme Wheels represents a new era of trial bike games, the likes of which have not been seen before on iOS devices – the trial bike genre is hugely popular on mobile and with Xtreme Wheels we have set out to create a benchmark title for others to follow” said James Scalpello, CEO, Bravo Game Studios.

Prepare to watch your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch defy gravity when Xtreme Wheels hits the iTunes App Store end of June 2011

For more information on this game and other Bravo Game Studio titles, please visit http://www.bravogames.com.