Jabra Announces Partnership With RadioShack

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It looks like everyone’s favorite electronics store will be carrying Jabra products now.


Jabra, the worldwide leader in Bluetooth® headsets and in-car speakerphones, has today announced that it has kicked off a nationwide partnership with RadioShack in the U.S.  To mark this partnership, RadioShack is now the exclusive national retailer for the Jabra WAVE and the Jabra EASYGO Bluetooth headsets.  Consumers looking for a hands-free solution for their car will also be able to pick up the Jabra CRUISER2 in-car speakerphone at all RadioShack locations.

"Jabra and RadioShack have teamed up to bring three of the best Bluetooth headsets and speakerphones on the market to customers nationwide," said Jonas Forsberg, General Manager North America, Mobile Division, GN Netcom, Inc.  "The Jabra WAVE, EASYGO and CRUISER2 represent our wide offerings of Bluetooth accessories and RadioShack’s experience in the consumer electronics industry makes them a perfect distribution partner."

Sitting closely and lightly behind your ear, the Jabra WAVE Bluetooth headset prevents wind and background noise from interfering with your conversations, and with its carefully placed mic and DSP technology, the sound quality is always crystal clear.  The Jabra EASYGO is the perfect headset for first-time users looking for a way to free their hands up when talking on the phone at a no-nonsense price.  The Jabra CRUISER2 in-car speakerphone has several features that make it easy-to-use and set it apart from other speakerphones including Caller ID – the speakerphone ‘talks’ to the user, telling you who is calling, exactly how you have the caller programmed into your mobile phone (for example, "Mom calling" or "Martin Work calling") – and Voice Announcements that provide audio guidance when setting-up the device and to clearly announce connectivity status and low battery levels.

The Jabra WAVE, Jabra EASYGO and Jabra CRUISER2 are currently available at RadioShack retail stores and online at www.RadioShack.com for $79.99, $39.99 and $79.99, respectively. 

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