Aluminum Laptop Cases Molding the Way of the Future

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I’ve never been one for laptop cases like these, I do like my Otterbox case though. It’s not aluminum, I think it’s better actually. These Mezzi brand cases do look rather nice, and from what I’ve read they’re nice.


MEZZI, world renowned aluminum case manufacturer, is noticing a dramatic increase in the number of reviews for its lines of aluminum laptop cases. From the virtual mouths of bloggers and video reviewers, the online world is buzzing with positivity for the dependability and portability of the MEZZI aluminum laptop case.

“In this modern day and age so many people are carrying laptops, either for business or pleasure or both,” explains MEZZI President, David Mezzi, “and the online community has seemed to latch onto the quality and reliability they find in our aluminum cases. Bloggers, reviewers and freelance writers who rely on their laptops for their business need something to protect their equipment. In fact, their laptop is their number one tool, so those who have experienced the quality of our cases are feeling inspired to spread the word to others.”

Unlike the soft, minimal protection of a stylish leather laptop bag or, perhaps worse, the zero-protection of throwing a laptop into a backpack, the lightweight, molded durability of MEZZI’s aluminum laptop carrying cases have impressed a growing number of online reviewers.

“I am loving my new MEZZI laptop case,” says one reviewer at “Not only is it the most sturdy case I have ever used but it also seems very roomy even with my laptop in it. I took it to a meeting I had recently and the first thing, even before I shook the man’s hand, he commented on my case and asked where to get one. I love when that happens because not only do I get to tell my readers about the wonderful products I have tried out but I can also tell complete strangers about them and point them in the right direction to get one for themselves.”

Roomy, spacious and secure – these are only a few of the descriptors the online community has used to explain the value they found in MEZZI’s aluminum laptop briefcases. Standard in every aluminum laptop case is customizable padding, so different sizes of laptops can be given a snug fit. And in order to accommodate a wide range of personal tastes and styles, MEZZI’s laptop cases range in color and covering, from simple jet black to gold or a high-grade wood finish.

MEZZI aluminum cases, however, have been no strangers to attention. Several of its aluminum cases have appeared in high-profile movies, television shows and music videos. Very recently, a MEZZI aluminum case was used in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Also MEZZI was featured in Jay-Z’s “Show Me What You Got” music video and on the television game show, “Deal or No Deal.” At the box office, MEZZI cases have appeared in the hands of Jason Statham in 13 and Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible III.

MEZZI’s full line of aluminum laptop cases can be found at MEZZI can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.