Mobile Fun: Tips & titbits – Kindle lighted cover for under £20, Atrix accessories in stock

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I’ve worked with Mobile Fun out of the UK for a while now, and they send updates as to what’s new on their site often so I’ll be keeping up with them here as well for you.


Free desk stand

We’re still running our special offer of one StuckBuddy desk stand (normally priced £4.99) free with every purchase – this is only whilst our first batch of StuckBuddy stock lasts, so be sure to pass on the good news to all & sundry so that they can take advantage! To claim the free stand, you just need to enter the rebate code BUDDY at the check-out.


Sync & charge Galaxy Tab with just one cable

One irritating downside of the Galaxy Tab is that it requires separate cables for charging and syncing, meaning you have to fiddle about switching between the two. Ok; I know; it’s hardly a soul-destroying issue, but it’s really something that Samsung should have sorted out to make Tab users’ lives easier. We’ve got a USB Charge and Sync Cable for Galaxy Tab in that allows you to flick between charge and sync with a simple switch mechanism, meaning no more of that annoying unplugging and plugging back in. Aces.


Top five cases for white iPhone 4

Apple have finally pulled their finger out and released the white iPhone 4, a mere nine months after the initial iPhone 4 launch. Huzzah! Apparently the issue was something to do with UV protection. I’ve had a skim through our massive iPhone 4 cases category, and put together a bit of a blog post on the ones that will best allow you to show off that shiny white. After all, if you’ve finally got it, you might as well flaunt it!




A brilliantly low cost Kindle cover with light

The official Amazon Kindle lighted cover is a brilliant idea for reading in the dark – perfect for bedbugs and bookworms. On the other hand, it’ll set you back more than 50 quid, which seems a tad much for a case with a light on it.

Last month I told you about our M-Edge Executive Jacket with e-Luminator Light for Kindle which gave you the same function for less cost, weighing in at just under £40.

If you still think that’s excessive, though, we’ve get an even more low cost option – the Luminous Case with Light for Kindle, which at just £19.95 is our cheapest Kindle cover with light yet. It protects with a sturdy vinyl exterior and soft microfibre interior, and the light itself attached and detaches easily with the use of magnets built into the case. Brilliant!


SIM free Samsung Galaxy S 2

The SIM free Samsung Galaxy S 2 arrived in stock yesterday and is ever so beautiful; I’d be quite smitten, if I wasn’t already very happy with my HTC Desire Z! We’ve got it for £524.95, with our dedicated next-day delivery as usual. And of course…. a free StuckBuddy.



Atrix accessories are in stock!

The Motorola Atrix launched in the UK this week via Orange, and we’ve got Motorola Atrix accessories now in stock for those that need them, with cases from top brands such as Otterbox and InvisibleShield. It won’t be long until we have the SIM free Motorola Atrix available too; this is a pretty exciting handset, featuring dual-core tech, fingerprint recognition and a special Motorola Atrix Laptop Dock that lets you transform your phone into a portable computer. It’s basically an empty laptop body which, when the Atrix is docked into, gives you full big-screen multimedia access to all of your apps and media, as well as full Firefox browser. Could this be the future of mobile computing?




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