Rumble Pack for NDS Lite Review

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So I’m back with another quick review of another accessory for the Nintendo DS Lite, this time it adds functionality to your DS Lite. The product is the Rumble Pack, which does what it sounds like, it adds vibrations to the DS Lite and its games. The price of this is only $2.62 from Deal Extreme and it includes free shipping. The pack works great but the main issue is there aren’t many games that actually work with it.. So read on to learn more…



Product Name:  Rumble Pack for NDS Lite – White (Adds Vibration Feedback)

Price: $2.62

– Compatible with NDS Lite
– Add vibration features on supported games

Dimensions: 2.48 in x 0.94 in x 0.35 in
Weight: 0.27 oz

The Review::


There’s not much to the packaging, just a zip style plastic bag.



The Rumble Pack is small with dimensions of 2.48 in x 0.94 in x 0.35 in. On one side is a label with the connection.



The back or bottom is just plain white, not much to see.



The pack just slides into the DS Lite like a GameBoy Advance cartridge would.



The pack sites flush with the DS Lite, making it sort of hard to get out. When you put it in it sticks in place and there’s really nowhere to get a finger hold on to get it out. I guess that can be good thing as it won’t easily fall out.



I went in search of several games that are compatible with the Rumble Pack, sadly there isn’t that many really, there’s a little over 50 of them and that’s it out of all of many hundreds of games for the DS systems.

I found a few used games at GameStop and tested them out and yes it works, the DS Lite rumbles at certain points in games and also when you turn the DS Lite on.

The Rumble Pack adds to the experience of games, just like vibration does with our phones, tablets and controllers for consoles.



The Rumble Pack has a price of only $2.62 and it ships free, so for that price it’s not bad at all I think.

The main issue is the lack of games, there’s only a little over 50 and they can be hard to find.

I guess if you already have the games on hand then it’s not a big deal, the rumble does add something to the gaming experience.

The pack adds rumble to the DS Lite, but it’s a subtle rumble and not exactly earth shaking.

From my experience the Rumble Pack really doesn’t consume much battery from the DS Lite, I seeme3d to get about the same battery capacity with or without the pack in place.

The pack is very hard to remove as it sits flush with the DS Lite.

+Very inexpensive 
+Works as it should
+Easy installation
-Limited amount of games compatible with pack
-Can be difficult to remove


Scores:: 9 out of 10
Overall: score-9-10
Aesthetic: score-9-10
Value / Price: score-10-10
Build Quality: score-9-10
Usability: score-9-10

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