I Hate Ad Blockers

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I hate ad blockers programs or apps. I’m not singling out the actual AdBlock app or plugin, I just hate all of them and any of them.

Sure there are horrible, nasty, annoying and sometimes dangerous ads out there, but on my sites I make sure they aren’t there, I only use reputable ad providers.

Some ads are good and some are bad.

I hate video ads that automatically play when you visit a page. They’re usually overly loud and just damn annoying. If I want to see the video I’ll hit play.

I hate ads that take up half of the page that you have to hit collapse. The worst kind are those that when you hit collapse a pop-up appears.

I hate ads that gray out the page like Kotaku and many other sites use. They gray out the page so you can’t read the content until you see the ad.

I hate ads that appear and block the content and you have to hit ‘continue to site’ before you get to the actual content.

I hate ads on videos that make you site through 30 seconds before you see the actual video. YouTube does it right, little ads at the bottom that you can close if you want, but you still get the see the video as soon as you hit play.


I would prefer to just put up static ads not being server by someone else, but that’s hard to do.

I would prefer to just put a banner up, a jpg or png file linked somewhere. Not animated preferably, but just a static ad that sits there and if you want to click it you can, if not fine. Those are hard to find though without using some sort of company to serve the ads, which means that’s something else to load and something else that could possibly go wrong somewhere down the line.


People want content, people want news, but people don’t understand that it costs money to run a website and ads pay for that.

When you use an adblocker you’re effectively taking money out of our pockets that we could be using to run the site or maybe buy food for our families with.

You people who block ads don’t seem to understand that those are our primary source or income, and you’re effectively taking it from us.

Ads pay for bandwidth, so in essence you’re stealing the bandwidth. (maybe that’s a stretch there, but it sounds good…)

Sure for people who run sites as a hobby or just something to do it doesn’t affect them as much, but for someone like me who just does this, well I’m losing money when you block ads that could be used to pay my bills and feed my family. Then again why should you care if my kids get fed or not, it’s not your concern, as long as you don’t see the ads you’re happy right?


If I didn’t have ads, I’d have to close my sites, years of work just gone. Then again you probably wouldn’t miss it anyway right?  There’s other sites that will fill in when I’m gone. Therein lies part of the problem I think, too many sites with the same content.

Here it’s just the news and reviews basically. The news is posted without all of the chatter, just the news for you and that’s all really. It’s the news without having to read a few paragraphs of chatter before you actually get to the news.


SO you just continue on blocking the ads and when your favorite sites slowly disappear because they can’t afford to pay for maintenance or pay their writers, just remember there’s no one to blame but yourself.