Hama Rexton 170 DSLR Camera Bag Review

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Today I have a DSLR camera bag up for review, it’s from our friends at Love Cases again and if you need to take a lot with you, then you need to get this bag. The bag or case is the Hama Rexton 170 which is designed to hold everything you need for the days photo shooting and protect it as well. The case is made of Polytex Ripstop material so it’s very durable and rugged and it comes with more than enough pockets for plenty of extra memory cards, batteries and any other small accessories that you might need.


Product Name: Hama Rexton 170 DSLR Camera Bag

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Provider: Mobile Fun

Price: £37.95 / $60.99

This Hama Rexton case has so many features, they really have thought of everything. If you are looking for a medium sized bag, that holds a camera body and spare lenses, but isn’t too bulky, this is the bag for you. Hama have designed the Rexton 170 bag with a comfy handle, adjustable straps, customizable compartments, spare pockets, waterproof cover, fantastic padded protection and a tough rubber bottom. This really is the ultimate in camera bags.

Designed to hold an SLR body and a number of lenses, filters, and other equipment. The adjustable compartments, with strong velcro allows you to customize this bag to fit your own equipment.

Internal Dimensions (cm): W – 29cm H – 20cm D – 16cm
Case Material: Polytex Ripstop (600D)
Case Style: Bag, Shoulder Bag

The Review::

The Hama  Rexton case just comes in a plastic bag, no special packaging at all, none needed really as it’s just a cloth bag.

rex1 rex2

The case I got for review is black, it has an interesting ‘bubble’ pattern on it.


On the top of the case is a single carry handle.


On the back of the case is a large zippered pocket.

rex5 rex6

Towards the bottom, on the back, is an umbrella symbol over a small pocket that holds an elastic waterproof cover that you can pull over the entire case to protect it and your gear from rain.

rex7 rex8

Moving around to the front, the main compartment is secured with a plastic clasp and you’ll find a smaller zippered compartment here as well.

rex9 rex10

When you unclip the clasp you don’t actually get access to the inner compartment as it’s kind of a false cover, under is a zipper to open the main compartment. The case also has a front zippered pocket that you can access only when you unclip the clasp.


The front pocket is neat, there’s battery indicators  on the two pockets so you can put good batteries in one and dead batteries in the other. There’s also a mesh pocket on the flap for other stuff you might need.

rex26 rex27

On the sides of the case you’ll find small pockets for whatever, they’re elastic and don’t close. On both sides you’ll also find rings for the shoulder strap.

rex12 rex13

On the sides as well you’ll find strap with a picture of a tripod on them, these are straps to attach your tripod to take it with you.


The bottom is the bag is rubberized for a non-slip base.


When you open the bag you’ll be greeted with the shoulder strap.


It clips onto the sides with sturdy metal clips. The strap does have a padded section for your shoulder to make carrying all your equipment a little easier.

rex21 rex22

When you open the main compartment, on the top of the lid or flap you’ll find three pockets for your memory cards. Like the battery pockets these are labeled for good and full memory cards indicated by red and green colors. I have no clue what the far left symbol is. The pockets are held shut by regular velcro.


rex18 rex16

The inside of the Rexton case is large and there’s three compartments basically. The two sides have cover on them.



The little padded block on the bottom is for extra support for something like the lens on the camera.


The two sides have dividers in them as well. All of the dividers are held on by velcro so you can rearrange them as needed.

rex23 rex24

I used the Rexton case with a couple DSLR cameras and their accessories.


Here’s several shots of my stuff in the case to show you:

rex29 rex30

 rex31 rex32

In the following picture, both cameras are in the case. Yes the case is big enough to hold two full-sized DSLR cameras with lenses attached.



In my opinion this is one of the best camera bags I’ve ever had the chance to review as it’s just extremely well made and chock full of features that any camera buff should appreciate. If you’re looking for something that can pretty much carry all of your gear, then this it for sure. The price is about $60, but for what you get it’s well worth it I think. This case is just one of the nicest out there today in looks, features and everything else.




+Lots of space inside
+Lots of room for accessories
+Quality made bag overall
+Inside is fully adjustable
-None really

Overall: score-10-10
Aesthetic: score-10-10
Value / Price: score-10-10
Build Quality: score-10-10
Usability: score-10-10

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