Crumpler Muffin Top 90 Compact Camera Case Review

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I’m back with another camera case review, yep our friend at Love Cases have sent me another rather unique bag or case. It’s called the Crumpler Muffin Top 90 and it actually resembles a messenger bag, only smaller. The case uses Chicken Tex Supreme Nylon which is strong, durable and waterproof so your camera is sure to be protected while in the case. So read on to learn more…


Product Name: Crumpler Muffin Top 90 Red / Silver Compact Camera Case

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Provider:  Love Cases

Price: £11.99 / $19.31

Made from Chicken Tex Supreme Nylon
The outer of this bag is made from chicken tex supreme hyper performance nylon which means it’s strong and offers excellent protection for your compact digital camera.

Waterproof lining
The Chicken Tex Supreme hyper performance nylon is waterproof ensuring your camera stays dry how ever hard it rains.

Extra soft lining inside
The lining on the inside of the case is ultra soft ensuring your camera is well protected and doesn’t get scratched when it moves about inside the bag. Also it ensures when you are removing or inserting your camera it doesn’t get marked or scratched

Front pocket
The muffin top bag has a front pocket for storing your memory cards in to ensure they aren’t damaged by your camera and are kept safe and secure

Belt attachment
On the back of the bag there is a belt attachment so you can attach the bag to your belt if you don’t want to use the carrying strap

Messenger style strap
The messenger style strap allows across body carrying. The messenger style strap allows you to comfortably carry the bag without it ever getting in your way.

Internal size – 10.5 x 7.5 x 4.2cm
Fits medium to large compact cameras

The Review::

The case comes in a plastic bag.



I’m not sure what’s up with the fat guy on the product package or hang tag, but it’s certainly interesting.



The back just has the specs and features listed.



So here’s the case, it’s red and silver colored and there’s a the Crumpler badge on the front of it. The case is made of nylon and it feels very well made, it should be tough and durable. The nylon is waterproof so you’re camera will be protected if you’re every caught in the rain.



On the back of the case is a velcro closure that allows the Muffin Top to be attached to your belt.

case5 case6


The case is fastened closed with velcro as well.



Inside of the case you’ll find the shoulder strap that is very long, it’s able to be slung across your chest for security. The Crumpler Muffin Top is on of many types of camera cases and as you can see from the pictures below it looks like a messenger bag only smaller. The strap is nylon so it should be more than strong enough to hold a small camera.

case8 case9


If you want, the strap can be removed as one side is fastened with velcro.

case11 case12


Here’s the reason I think why it’s called the Crumpler case, as it crumples when you squeeze it.



On the front of the case is a small pocket that can be used for extra batteries or a memory card.



Your camera goes inside of the case of course and you’ll find it’s very soft. Your camera should be very well protected as it’s soft and padded.

case14 case15


I’m using this case with my Canon PowerShot A560 compact digital camera so it’s now a Canon camera case.



The Canon camera fits but it’s a tight fit, this isn’t a bad thing though as you won’t have to worry about the camera coming out. As you can see there’s an extra bit of cloth that comes up and over the camera, this is for extra protection, a nice added touch.



The front pocket is nice, but you can only fit two batteries in there if that’s what you want to take. A memory card or two should fit fine though.



Here’s the bag with the camera in it and closed. It looks more puffy now I think, but then it’s full…




The velcro closure works very well to hold the top flap down and the strap is rugged and strong. The Crumpler Muffin Top 90 should do a very good job of keeping your camera safe from bumps, drops and event the elements as the nylon inner casing is waterproof. I really like the looks of this case as it resembles a messenger bag. The strap is nice and long allowing you to have it across your chest for more security.

Honestly I can’t really find anything wrong with this case. If I had to say something it would be that the front pocket is small, but that’s a very minor quibble I think that’s not worth even listing as it all depends what your needs will be for it.

The price is less than $20 and for that I think it’s well worth it, I could easily see it costing much more, so I think it’s a great value for what you get.


10-10-award reco-award

+Very well made product
+Soft inside to protect camera
+Long strap
+Includes pocket for memory card or batteries
-None really

Overall: score-10-10
Aesthetic: score-10-10
Value / Price: score-10-10
Build Quality: score-10-10
Usability: score-10-10

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