Joystick Junkies Nintendo 3DS Crystal Case Review

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I’m the type of persons that has to have a case on every device I own. I feel that since I spent the money, I’d like to keep those devices protected. Today for review I’ve got a nice case for the Nintendo 3DS from Joystick Junkies. It was provided by Mobile Fun for my review, so our thanks go out to them of course. The case is clear so you can still see your 3DS, but it will be protected from scratches and scrapes and the rigors of daily use. The case doesn’t add much bulk to your 3DS and still allows full access to all buttons and ports. I personally like the case quite a bit and I think you will too.


Product Name: Joystick Junkies Nintendo 3DS Crystal Case

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Provider:  Mobile Fun

Price: £9.95 / $16.03

Crystal clear protection retains the original look of your Nintendo 3DS
If you like the design of the Nintendo 3DS, you’ll want a case that offers protection while still showing off the iconic style. The Joystick Junkies Nintendo 3DS Crystal Case is that case. It’s specially built to offer crystal clarity while offering all-round protection for your Nintendo 3DS, so you can take it with you anywhere without worrying about damaging it.

Tough but thin plastic construction protects your device against scratches and scrapes
The Nintendo 3DS is a glossy device, which means it’s prone to picking up scratches when unprotected. The Joystick Junkies Nintendo 3DS Crystal Case gives you full protection from scratches, scrapes and minor impacts, while only being a couple of millimeters thick so as to not add much bulk to your device at all.

Comes with two interchangeable 3D-style prints to personalize your console
A unique feature of this case is the custom-cut 3D-style lenticular prints that can be placed inside the case between the console and the lid, letting you personalize your Nintendo 3DS. The case comes with two double-sided prints, or you can insert your own images for a truly personal touch.

Made for Nintendo 3DS
Designed specifically for the Nintendo 3DS, this case offers a perfect fit. It also has cut-outs for all the ports, switches, cameras and buttons, so you can access the full functionality of your device while it is in the case.


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The Review::

The packaging is nicely done and good looking.

case1 case2


Inside you’ll only find the case and two inserts. The inserts are holographic and game themed.

case3 case4


Here’s the case itself, it’s clear plastic with the Joystick Junkies logo on it. The inserts go into the front section, or front cover of the 3DS.

case5 case6 case7 case8


Here’s my 3DS in the case:

case9 case10 case11 case12 case13 case14

There are holes for the cameras, along with opening for all of the ports, switches and buttons. The case is nice I think.


The inserts just slide right into the front cover and you can create your own if you want. Sadly though there is no kind of template included so you’ll have to figure out how to make on yourself.

case15 case16 case17


The Joystick Junkies case will certainly protect your 3DS from damages, which is something that I can surely appreciate. The cost is well worth it I think, for less that $20 you can get decent protection for your 3DS and it’s even customizable.

I like it a lot myself and I think you will too.



10-10-award reco-award


+Clear case so you can see the 3DS
+All access to ports
+You can customize the front insert
+Good protection for your 3DS
-No template included for inserts


10 out of 10

Overall: score-10-10
Aesthetic: score-10-10
Value / Price: score-10-10
Build Quality: score-10-10
Usability: score-10-10

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