be quiet! Intros DC1 Thermal Compound

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A new entry in the thermal compound market…



be quiet! announced today the availability of the new high performance thermal compound DC1. The new paste is the logical extension of the award-winning cooler portfolio of the German company. With its excellent heat conducting properties and its extremely simple handling, the paste is suitable for both normal users and Overclockers.

Through the perfect combination of metal oxides and silicon the new be quiet! thermal compound DC1 has a theoretical thermal conductivity of about 7.5 W / mK. Thus it offers several degrees Celsius advantage over conventional thermal compounds, as used for example in many ready-build-systems. Overclockers can also improve their results with the DC1. Thanks to a wide temperature range of -50 to +150 ° C, DC1 is suitable for various cooling methods.

Its unique composition allows the paste to be applied easily. be quiet! ‘s DC1 comes in a handy syringe, which allows for a neat and tidy application onto the CPU die. For a perfect and planar layer of thermal compound there is an extra enclosed spatula. A syringe with 3 grams of be quiet!’s DC1 costs EUR 6.49 and is available in stores now.

Advanced features include »
▪ Very high thermal conductivity of 7.5W/mK for exceptional heat transfer between chip and cooler
▪ Premium formulation:
» Metal oxide compounds: 60%
» Zinc oxide compounds: 30%
» Silicone compounds: 10%
▪ Impressive temperature range of -50°C to +150°C
▪ No electrical conductivity
▪ 3g capacity is enough for 9 applications on average
▪ Easily applied with provided spatula