Stink Bug Magnet Helps You Say Goodbye to Stink Bugs!

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I hate stink bugs.. I think everybody does really, and now here’s a way to get rid of them cheaply..


Over the past few years, the onset of spring has also introduced the arrival of a new garden pest… the Stink Bug. With no natural predator in the U.S., stink bugs have feverishly spread to at least thirty-three states since first being spotted in 1998. Consumers are equally as feverish searching for a solution to these hard-to-kill garden pests. Today, Safer® Brand offers an effective solution to removing a stink bug problem with the introduction of the Stink Bug Magnet.

The Stink Bug Magnet trap works on all life cycles, depending upon placement. Adult stink bugs are primarily interested in mating, while nymph stink bugs cannot fly and are most interested in food, consuming anything from raspberries to carrots and leaves to cabbage. The Stink Bug Magnet can hang from a tree branch or overhang to target adult bugs or can be placed on the ground in the garden attracting nymph stink bugs.

The trap uses a quick release pheromone to quickly attract stink bugs. The attractant causes bugs to enter the trap’s opening. Once inside they cannot escape and will emit their signature foul smell. This scent also acts as an attractant bringing others to the trap, creating a snowball effect.

“Through years of engineering and testing, Safer® Brand has identified the right pheromone formulation creating a powerfully effective lure that attracts and traps stink bugs without exposing your yard or garden to harmful chemicals,” explains Justin Emig, Category Development Associate for Woodstream. “Our reusable trap, with its flexibility of being hung or placed in the garden, makes the Stink Bug Magnet the best weapon in eliminating a stink bug problem.”

The reusable Stink Bug Magnet retails for $19.99 and can be found online at