Smokeless Delite Now Offers Extra Strength Batteries For Electronic Cigarettes

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Stronger batteries are a good thing…


Smokeless Delite, an electronic cigarette distributor since 2008, now offers a new affordable and longer lasting battery called the Premo Plus Extra Strength Battery in a variety of unique styles and colors.

Electronic cigarettes are a smokeless and homeopathic alternative to smoking that, “mimic the act of smoking a regular cigarette as it not only looks like you are smoking but tastes like it as well, ” says Smokeless Delite CEO, Kyle Winther, “consumers will inhale a nicotine mist but exhale water vapor.”

The longer lasting batteries prevent consumers from having to constantly plug in after just a few uses and for those concerned with style,Smokeless Delite Premo Plus Extra Strength smokeless cigarette batteries are a great purchase. As no one individual is alike, Smokeless Delite wants to offer consumers unique and colorful style options to fit their unique and colorful lifestyles while attempting to quit smoking with these longer lasting batteries.

Consumers can choose from black batteries with blue leds, silver batteries with green leds, pink batteries with purple leds or the standard white batteries with red leds that look identical to regular cigarettes.

While consumers continue on their journey to quit smoking with smokeless cigarettes, the Premo Plus Extra Strength Batteries are a nice hassle free yet stylish option and are available exclusively on the website,