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Coupons are nice right?


Top 5 Electronic Cigarettes (http://www.Top5ElectronicCigarettes.com) today announced a new and exclusive, limited-time, 20% discount coupon code for Apollo Extreme – currently ranked as the best e-cigarette by Top 5 Electronic Cigarettes.

“While its number-one ranking is indicative of overall excellence, Apollo is also one of the more affordable e-cigarettes on the market. This exclusive 20% discount brings its pricing down to an unprecedented level for a premium-quality electronic cigarette kit, much less the best electronic cigarette on the market,” said Mr. Chris Shaw, a Top 5 editor. He added, “While it is not as well-known as some of its competitors, Apollo is quickly creating a die-hard following amongst e-cigarette aficionados who understand the value provided by a state-of-the-art product available at an economical price point. This coupon code will no doubt be well received by Apollo smokers and add to the value the brand has always provided, while enhancing its general appeal to new as well as experienced e-smokers.”

An advanced, easy-to-use, two-piece design, the Apollo Extreme is intended for smokers who formerly consumed a pack or more per day of tobacco cigarettes. These smokers will not be satisfied by a lesser e-cigarette, and require copious amounts of vapor and a strong “throat hit” – two characteristics in which the Apollo Extreme excels.

Mr. Shaw concluded, “While consumers have become accustomed to paying more for market-leading technology, Apollo Extreme provides a rare opportunity for the buyer – get the best e-cigarette for less than what you would pay for a second-rate product.”

The Apollo Extreme Starter Kit comes with everything you need to begin enjoying the benefits of vaping: two (2) 280 mAh, long-lasting batteries; five cartomizers in your choice of Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Coffee, or Cherry flavors; one USB battery charger; one AC wall adaptor; and one convenient car charger. The complete kit is available for $54.95 before the 20% coupon code discount is applied. Shipping is free, and Apollo is backed by a one-year warranty, and a 30-day, money-back guarantee. Available accessories include an elegant jewel carrying case; a portable charger case for battery charging away from home; and a USB-powered e-cigarette that works with Apollo Extreme cartomizers, and does not require a battery.

The new 20% discount coupon code is good for purchases of the Apollo Extreme Starter Kit and is available for a limited time only. The offer may be withdrawn without notice at any time. We suggest that consumers make their purchases promptly by visiting http://www.Top5ElectronicCigarettes.com for the coupon code today.

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Founded in New York by a dedicated group of reformed ex-smokers, Top 5 Electronic Cigarettes publishes unbiased reviews that provide consumers with the pros and cons of the best e-cigarettes of 2012. The site presently features reviews of 20 leading brands and rankings based on eight determining factors: price, value, taste, quality, ease of use, vapor volume, maintenance costs, and purchase satisfaction. Brands are evaluated for these criteria and then graded on a 0-100 scale for each. The editors’ scores are averaged and rounded off to the nearest quarter percentage point to determine final rankings. Additionally, brands are assigned star rankings on a zero-to-ten scale. To date, the highest total score has been 96% for Apollo Extreme, garnering nine out of a possible ten stars and earning the title of best e-cigarette. For additional information, including the Apollo Extreme 20% off coupon code, visit http://www.Top5ElectronicCigarettes.com.