SMOKEFREE Launches Deluxe Kit Electronic Cigarette Kit

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This is a nice starter kit…


“We have introduced the product to meet customer demand for flexible smoking solutions. As more and more smokers stumble across the concept of the smokeless cigarette, so the need for advanced e cig kits and accessories has grown”, explains Abhinav Girdhar, Chief Business Officer at SMOKEFREE.

What do E Cigarette smokers get?

If e-smokers order the Deluxe Kit starter kit, they receive:
2 x Atomizer
2 x Battery Component
10 x Cartridges
1 x USB charger
1 x Wall Charger
1 x Car Charger
1 x Instructions Manual

The specifications of the Electronic Cigarette Deluxe kit are as follows:
Battery Charging Time: 2.5 to 3 Hours
Puffs per full Battery: 300 Puffs equivalent to 2 Packs of Regular Cigarette
Puffs per new Cartridge: 100 to 120 puffs equivalent to 1 Pack of Regular Cigarette
Battery Lifespan:Rechargeable and reusable over 300 times
Atomizer Lifespan: Over 10,000 puffs
Tobacco Flavours: Marlboro, Benson & Hedges, Dunhill, Menthol & Cigar
Infused Flavours:Apple, Cherry, Coffee, Strawberry, Vanilla
Level (Tobacco): High: 24 mg , Medium: 18 mg , Low: 12 mg, None:0 mg
Level (Infused): High: 16 mg , Medium: 11 mg , Low: 6 mg, None:0 mg
The E Cigarette India company has recently expanded its range of electronic cigarette accessories to include affordable car chargers. The car chargers will be added to the range of e cigarette products currently available from SMOKEFREE’s online store.