PS Vita launches Today in North America

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I don’t even know why I’m posting this as I think everyone know by now that today is launch day…


Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC today announced the launch of the highly anticipated PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita), the next generation portable entertainment system, available now in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. PS Vita delivers new ways to play games that have never been seen on any device, coupled with rich social features to keep players connected to their gaming community. With the biggest and best launch lineup in PlayStation® history, PS Vita offers more than 25 titles on day one, plus a broad selection of accessories. PS Vita is also launching today in Europe and Australia.

“Today marks a historic day for the PlayStation brand and our fans,” said Jack Tretton, president and CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment America.  “PlayStation Vita is the most powerful and connected portable gaming system ever created.  For the first time ever, consumers will find compelling PS3™ console-like gameplay experiences on-the-go from the most popular PlayStation franchises as well as titles unique to PS Vita, while staying connected with their favorite entertainment and social networking applications through 3G and Wi-Fi support.”

PS Vita is available at major retailers for $249.99 (MSRP) for the Wi-Fi model and $299.99 (MSRP) for the 3G/Wi-Fi model. Both models will include six Augmented Reality (AR) Play Cards along with a voucher to download three augmented reality games from PlayStation®Network.

AT&T is the exclusive U.S. wireless carrier for PS Vita and customers have the option to activate 3G data plans directly from their PS Vita.  AT&T is offering three data plans, a $14.99 plan featuring 250MB of data, a $30 plan with 3GB and a $50 plan with 5GB.  All three plans will be session-based, and will not require a long term contract, which benefits consumers by providing them with flexibility. The high speeds and broad coverage of AT&T’s mobile broadband network means that PS Vita owners will remain connected to their content and interact with the world around them, including their friends and other PS Vita owners. The 3G/Wi-Fi model allows users to game at the speed of their mobile lifestyle, including asynchronous/turn-based multiplayer gameplay, digital gifting, instantly updated rankings and leaderboards, immediate access to the latest downloadable add-on content*, and real-time access to trophies, friends, web browsing, and apps such as ‘near’.  PS Vita customers with an AT&T data plan will also have free access at more than 29,000 AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide.

PS Vita introduces new ways to play, delivering new gameplay experiences that have never been offered on any other handheld gaming device. PS Vita features a powerful quad core processor that offers unprecedented levels of performance, enabling deep, immersive games that previously were only possible on home consoles.  Gamers will see amazing visuals and graphics come to life on PS Vita’s vibrant 5-inch high definition OLED touchscreen, while they experience new ways to interact with games using the rear touch pad. PS Vita’s dual analog sticks, a first for any handheld gaming device, provides familiar controls that are ideal for shooters, action/adventure, sports and other game genres. PS Vita also provides unique augmented reality experiences through front and rear cameras that bring the real world into your gaming world, plus a six-axis motion sensing system and built in microphone.

Consumers will have access to music, videos, trophies, photos, web browser and more.  In addition to these features, consumers will have access to several applications exclusive to PS Vita:

  • With Content Manager, PS Vita owners can easily transfer games, videos, music, and photos between your PS Vita and their PS3 or a PC or a Mac.
  • “near” allows PS Vita players to share their location with friends and allow other PS Vita users to see what games they’re playing. Friends can rate games and enable location based gaming features such as gifting in which a user can access virtual game-related items that other users are sharing by checking in at geographic locations.
  • The Party application will enable cross game chat which allows PS Vita users to communicate with up to eight friends through text or voice chat, regardless of what games they’re playing.  They can bookmark their favorite parties to reconnect later with friends and or join existing parties to see what other users are talking about.
  • Remote Play gives consumers the ability to access content stored on their PS3 such as personal photos, music, and videos.  In the future, PS Vita owners can look forward to utilizing the remote play feature as a way to control compatible software game titles as well.
  • With cross-platform gameplay and compatible software titles, players can start a game on their PS3, pause the game, and then resume the game right where they left off using their PS Vita.  Consumers can also join multiplayer games on their PS Vita and play against friends on their PS3 consoles.

In addition to PS Vita exclusive features, PS Vita owners will be able to access popular social networking and communications services via dedicated applications for Facebook, flickr, foursquare, Skype™, and Twitter. These applications will be rolled out within the launch window on PlayStation Network so consumers can stay connected with the world around them.  Immediate access to thousands of movies and television shows are readily available for PS Vita owners through the Netflix application.  Another great feature coming soon to PS Vita is the Music Unlimited digital subscription service where consumers will have the option to listen to hours of their favorite musical artists and create their very own custom playlists.

With its extensive software lineup at launch, PS Vita boasts strong first and third party developer support from day one. In addition to the 25 titles available on day one there are more than 70 games currently in development, ensuring that PS Vita’s vast library will have something to offer for gamers of all ages.  The launch day lineup includes blockbuster franchises such as UNCHARTED™: Golden Abyss, EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer, and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom®3, plus brand new games such as Escape Plan.

Consumers can now purchase PS Vita game cards at retailers nationwide or download games through the PlayStation®Store.  Pricing for all PS Vita software will range between $9.99-$49.99 (MSRP).

In addition to PS Vita format games, more than 275 PSP (PlayStation®Portable) titles are now available for download on the PlayStation Store. U.S. consumers who already own digital versions of select PSP titles will be able to seamlessly transfer those games to their PS Vita system and enjoy these games with enhanced video quality that’s ideal for the system’s 5-inch high definition OLED screen, along with controls that are optimized for its features such as the dual analog sticks.

With the launch of PS Vita, SCEA will unleash the biggest advertising campaign in PlayStation’s history. PS Vita and the official tag line “Never Stop Playing,” along with the Twitter-influenced hashtag #GAMECHANGER, will be featured with retail partnerships, on wallscapes, billboards, digital banners, and radio and television commercials. In addition, through a partnership with Taco Bell, PlayStation and Taco Bell have given consumers the opportunity to win one PS Vita for every 15 minutes since January 26, 2012, via the “Unlock the Box” campaign.