Skyrim PS3 Update 1.4 Now Live!

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The new PS3 Skyrim patch is here, finally, now maybe I can play the damn game… I just got done installing it, so I’m not sure if it works, but from what I’ve read there’s a noticeable difference in the lag problem. Only time will tell I guess. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend, finally, after months of owning it, I can play Skyrim on my PS3… hopefully…

I’m still rather pissed off about the whole thing though, I got it on launch day and months later I ‘should’ be able to actually play it. There’s really something wrong with the gaming world I think, the consumer has become the beta tester and they can’t play the games they’ve bought and paid for until they work the bugs out.

I’m not buying new games anymore when they first come out, I’ll wait and see what happens then in a few months I’ll buy it when the bugs have been fixed and the price has dropped.