Emerald Lux Unveils New V2 Improved Electronic Cigarettes

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Wow.. there’s plenty of new companies making e-cigs..


Emerald Lux was among the first providers of a smoke-free electronic cigarette system capable of delivering the same pleasure many smokers feel, with a greatly reduced impact on health and the environment. Now, with the announcement of the new V2 electronic cigarettes from Emerald Lux, customers are already noticing some important improvements and customization that other e-cigs lack. With a 20% discount code and a full money-back guarantee, now is the perfect time to step up to the exciting Emerald Lux lifestyle.

The new Emerald Lux V2 Starter Kit includes everything you need to step up to the safer, cleaner, more enjoyable electronic cigarette experience. An electronic cigarette battery. Fifteen free cartridges that are almost identical in size, weight and appearance to standard cigarettes. The V2 atomizer which appears to be a simple filter from a traditional cigarette. Along with a wall charger, USB charger and car charger to suit every active lifestyle. The entire package is also backed by a 14 day money-back guarantee that allows smokers to try the V2 system risk-free for two full weeks.

“The V2 from Emerald Lux isn’t just an incremental improvement. We went back through the design and made many significant upgrades to the entire smoking experience” said Rich. “Improved battery life, a lighter weight and slimmer more realistic shape the same size as standard cigarettes allow our clients to fit in anywhere. The new flavors and enhanced taste combine to make our electronic cigarettes the best ever produced.”

Emerald Lux V2 can be purchased in a standard flavor or menthol like most standard cigarettes. However the flavor profile of the V2 goes even further to offer options like: Apple, Banana, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, Grape, Lemon, Strawberry, Vanilla and an Assorted Flavor package that includes five samples of each.

As a special promotion, in celebration of Emerald Lux unveiling the new V2 Electronic Cigarette, the company is also providing shoppers with the special discount code “PR20” for a 20% discount on your entire order. The code can be entered on the purchase form of the http://www.EmeraldLux.com website or given verbally to a sales associate standing by right now to take your order toll-free at (888) 412-6086 from Monday to Friday from 7AM to 4PM Pacific Time.

“Enjoy the convenience of smoking almost anywhere without being ostracized by the anti-smoking community” said Rich “The V2 electronic cigarettes from Emerald Lux are the best option ever produced. It’s as simple as that, and we guarantee it!”