Netflix Rolls Out New Watch Instantly Interface and It’s Horrible

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So a little bit ago I got a huge surprise when I went to watch something on Netflix via Watch Instantly, they updated the interface.

I have to ask why they did this? Seriously, who does their quality control? Did they even ask people about this interface before launching it?

I think it’s horrible. Look up there above at the screenshot, what the hell were they thinking? Better yet what the hell were they smoking? Seriously it’s like WOW, I have to ask who the hell approved this change without even asking the members? The guy or gal who approved this change needs to go, and so does the one who thought it up.

Apparently they think we’re blind and need HUGE cover art to be able to see what we might want to watch. It reminds of things for little children where everything is much larger.

The scrolling is ridiculous now, to scroll you hover over the last movie and it crawls along at a snails pace.  One of commenters put it perfectly I think, or at least very humorously: “It’s like watching a train pass. You never really are able to read the graffiti on the cars and if you try to, you get dizzy.”

The interface is not only slow but it can be ugly. I get the idea of using the covers, but they’re not all scaled correctly, some are nice and clear while others are blurry blobs. The scrolling interface also skips at times, and it just keeps scrolling back to the beginning so you could scroll forever and ever I guess.

I’m not the only one who thinks the interface is horrid either. At the moment there’s over 200 comments against the new interface, I would say about 99% of them are against it anyway. You can chime in here on the Netflix Blog if you like: I already did and gave it a big thumbs down.

What happened to the See All option? Now there’s no option to check not interested or rate it with stars unless you hover over the title.

It’s just horrible. Maybe some people like it, and they’re in a very small percentage I think.

Honestly it makes using it now just not enjoyable. Why not give us the option of the new or old interface. It reminds me of the Gawker redesign, it’s just horrible. I don’t even visit the Gawker sites anymore because I can’t stand it, and I love Netflix and I pay for it so I don’t have much of  a choice do I? I just have to live with it apparently.

Gack is about the nicest word I could say about the new interface.

Netflix, please give us our old interface or give us the option of using either or. I love Netflix, and if this continues like this I may have to quit sadly. The interface is almost unusable as it is. I wonder how Hulu or Amazon looks? Has to be better than this right?

Netflix you’re going to lose customers, but I’m sure you don’t care right as you’re making money left and right and up and down and all ways in between. I think I read recently that you’ve got more subscribers than cable so why should you care if you piss off a few customers right?  They’ll come up with something about it’s the minority that don’t like it.. yeah right,. read your own comments on your blog and Twitter as well, the majority are speaking, give us our old interface back now.

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