Ozone Gaming Launches Three New Mousepads The Neutron, Lepton and Boson

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There’s nothing like a good mousepad!

The European brand brings you the best technology service with the best materials so you can choose the mousepad that best suits your needs as a gamer. Power and Freedom lead to your decisions.



Neutron is produced as a result of fission.

The new Ozone mousepad is the result of a perfect combination between a hard mat and a soft one. It creates a new consistent gaming performance.

Ozone has developed one of the highest stable mousepads that you can ever experience. It gives you both perfect accuracy and control. Its rubber absorbs noise and ensures a quiet user experience. It’s been optimized for both laser and optical mice performance as well.

The hybrid surface gives you an unique smooth feeling and the best performance. No matter you are a hardcore gamer or not, this mousepad will exceed your expectation.

Manuel LaMia Mildenberger (Ozone Team Taiwan) "Neutron mousepad is perfect for e-sports gaming activities, since it provides a flawless and accurate performance in both quick and slow movements. It also adapts very well to any roughness in the surface thanks to its comfortable layered design. As a pro-gamer I need tools that won’t let me down, that´s why I choose Neutron."



Lepton, the code word for stability and control.

If you want to go faster and stronger, then Ozone Lepton mousepad is the only option. It is made with strong materials, which gives you durability and control. That’s what you need to destroy your opponents. Feel how the rubber base allows you to play with the speed and precision that any demanding gamer dreams about. You will never have to choose between velocity and control again. With Lepton, you can have it all.

Gu IMP Sung-bin (Ozone MVP Team): "I´m a professional gamer, I play hard and I need strong peripherals, that´s why my choice is Ozone Lepton Mouse Pad. The hard surface allows me to make critical and faster movements in order to destroy my enemies. With the new Ozone Lepton Mouse Pad I get the speed and control that I really need."




Ozone Boson is an excellent design for people who love to travel and play everywhere. Portable and foldable, you can roll it up and even put it in your pocket. With a soft and comfortable surface, Boson`s materials ensure smoothness and precision.

The special design, non-slip base allows you to have a perfect control of the game, no matter how hard you swipe.It also doubles up as a laptop screen protector which can protect and clean your screen.

What else can you ask for? Size meets function.

Boson can also be placed between your laptop’s screen and keyboard for some laptops. Which means you will never need another space to carry a mousepad! Ozone have given you everything you need without a doubt.