TapNav World’s First Vision Based AR Navigation from Lustancia

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Another Nav App for your iOS device..


Lustancia is excited to announce the release of TapNav, the world’s first vision based Augmented Reality GPS Navigation. The application can be downloaded from the apple appstore in US, Germany, France, and Spain.

TapNav is a GPS navigation application for the iphone to assist drivers. TapNav is powered by the most advanced techologies in computer vision which allows the camera of the iphone to detect lanes at 29 frames per second. ‘Computer vision’ and ‘lane detection’ are the keys to providing an intuitive and precise driving directions to the user.

TapNav provides turn by turn navigation and voice assistance that aids the AR based experience. The price is $2.99 for 60 days usage of the full app with monthly subscription after the 60 days expire. Routing with the application will stay free.

mSonar, the development studio within Lustancia LTD, plans to continuously update TapNav with a vision of becoming a full-package driving assistant application to help people get to their destinations safer and faster.

Learn more about TapNav on the iTunes App Store here: http://goo.gl/c7jDC
Read more about TapNav online here: www.msonar.com